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Main control chip: MT7628DAN

Specifications: 2T2R

Speed: 300M

Interface: USB, WAN, LAN, I2S, I2C/PCM, UART, GPIO

Size: 23.5*23.2 (L*W)

Working voltage: 5V

Wireless standard: 802.11b/g/n

Band width: 2.4G

Working temperature: -20°C to +85°C

Product Description



■ The module is based on Taiwan’s MTK’s MT7628DAN main chip solution, the main frequency is up to 580MHz, with 64MB DDR2 RAM and 8MB SPI FLASH;

■ Conforms to IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless network protocol, supports three working modes of bridging, routing, and access point

■ Adopt 2x2 MIMO (Multiple input multiple output) architecture, wireless signal multi-channel transmission and reception, transmission rate up to 300Mbps

■ Achieve a variety of communication transmission, input and output control, intelligent control of IOT applications, convenient for debugging and product development

■ Multiple GPIOs, 1 UART interface, 1WAN, 3LAN/4LAN wired network port “stamp hole” and “pin” dual design external connection method two IPEX sockets, freely configurable antenna type

■ Application areas: smart home, wireless storage, WIFI speakers, network cameras, baby monitoring, routers, repeaters, wireless APs

Module size chart


Module pin





SPI_CS0       GPIO#10 SPI bus chip select signal 0
REF_CLKO       GPIO#38 Reference clock output
PERST_N       GPI0#36 PCIe device reset output terminal
WDT_RST_N       GPIO#37 Watchdog timeout reset


    GPI0#39 PORT4 LED, active low
EPHY_LED3 JTAG_CLK     GPI0#40 PORT3 LED, active low
EPHY_LED2 JTAG_TMS     GPI0#41 PORT2 LED, active low
EPHY_LED1 JTAG_TDI     GPIO#42 PORT1LED, active low
PORST_N         CPU reset, active low
GPIO#45 Serial port 1 data transmission
UART_RXD1     PWM_CH1 GPIO#46 Serial port 1 data reception
I2S_SDI PCMDRX     GPIO#O I2S data input terminal
I2S_SDO PCMDTX     GPIO#1 I2S data output terminal
I2S_WS PCMCLK     GPIO#2 I2S channel selection, 0; left; 1; right
I2S_CLK PCMFS     GPI0#3 I2S data bit clock
I2C_SCLX       GPIO#4 I2C bus clock
I2C_SD       GPI0#5 I2C bus data
SPI_CS1       GPI0#6 SPI bus chip select signal 1
SPI_CLX       GPI0#7 SPI bus clock signal
SPI_MIS0       GPIO#9 SPI bus data master in and slave out
SPI_MOSI       GPIO#8 SPI bus data master out and slave in and out
GPI00       GPI0#11 Universal input and output interface
UART_TXDO       GPI0#12 Serial port О data output
UART_RXDO       GPI0#13 Serial port О data input
LED_N       GPIO#44 WFi LED, active low
MDI_RP_PO         PORTO network signal reception is positive
MDI_RN_PO         PORTO network signal reception is negative
MDI_TP_PO         The PORT0 network signal transmission is positive
MDI_TN_PO         PORTO network signal sending negative
MDR_TP_P1 SPIS_CS   PWM_CHO CPI0#14 The PORT1 network signal is being sent
MDI_TN_P1 SPIS_CLK   PTM_CH1 GPI0#15 PORT1 network signal sending negative
MDI_TN_P1 SPIS_MISO   UART_TXD2 GPI0#16 Port1 network signal reception is positive
MDI_TN_P1 SPIS_MISI   UART_RXD2 GPI0#17 Port1 network signal reception is negative
MDI_RP_P2   eMMc_D7 PTM_CHO GPIO#18 Port2 network signal reception is positive
MDI_RN_P2   eMC_D6 PWM_CH1 GPI0#19 Port2 network signal reception is negative
MDI_TP_P2 UART_TXD2 eMMC_D5 PWM_CH2 GPI0#20 The PORT2 network signal is being sent.
MDI_TN_P2 UART_TXD2 eMMC_D4 PWM_CH3 GP10#21 PORT2 network signal sending negative
MDI_TP_P3 SD_WP eMMC_WP   GP10#22 The PORT3 network signal is being sent.
MDI_TN_P3 SD_CD eMMC_CD   GPI0#23 PORT3 network signal sending negative
MDI_RP_P3 SD_D1 eMMC_D1   GP10#24 Port3 network signal reception is positive
MDI_RN_P3 SD_Do eMMC_DO   GP10#25 Port3 network signal reception is negative
MDI_RP_P4 SD_CLK eMMC_CLK   GP10#26 Port4 network signal reception is positive
MDI_RN_P4 SD_CMD eMMC_CMD   GP10#28 Port4 network signal reception is negative
MDI_TP_P4 SD_D3 eMMC_D3   GP10#29 The PORT4 network signal is being sent.
MDI_TN_P4 SD_D2 eMMC_D2   GP10#27 PORT4 network signal sending negative
USB_DP         USB data is positive
USE_DM         USB data negative

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