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The future can be expected--uawei HiSilicon’s new breakthrough

Have bidden the monopoly of the United States and South Korea.    The high-end Kirin chips designed by HiSilicon in recent years are no less than similar products from foreign giants. For example, Huawei's Kirin 9000 released in October last year, its actual experience can be said to be the best of all 5nm processors.   Some time ago, there was another good news in China. Huawei HiSilicon welcomes the breakthrough of the new chip and begins to enter a brand new field. According to reports, a few days ago, media reported that HiSilicon’s OLED screen driver chip has completed the tape-out process and is expected to be mass-produced in the second half of this year, which will break the monopoly of foreign manufacturers on the domestic market by then.   Regarding the OLED screen driver chip, most people may not know it very well, but we only need to know that it is also a very important core technology. And before that, more than 95% of the domestic screen driver chip market was taken away by Korean manufacturers, such as Samsung and other giants, domestic companies accounted for less than 1%!   All these have proved HiSilicon’s chip design capabilities. If the United States hadn’t blocked it, Huawei might have gone a step further in the semiconductor market. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the development status of HiSilicon is still very stable. Although the designed chips cannot be produced, Huawei has been maintaining investment in research and development, and HiSilicon has never thought of giving up.   At present, Chuang Ling and HiSilicon also have a chip project-hi3881V100/hi3861V100. These two modules are chips developed by HiSilicon. Their stable performance provides excellent transmission efficiency. And now with the launch of Hongmeng, it is believed that more and more devices based on Hongmeng operating system will come out. For details of these two modules, you can consult Chuangling Zhilian, and we will provide professional technical support.
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"Cloud"-The real brain behind smart products

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With the advent of the Internet of Things era, the Internet of Everything has become the ultimate goal. According to the IoT Analysis analysis of Gartner, an internationally renowned data consulting organization, the number of active IoT devices in the world will reach 21.5 billion by 2025, several times the current population. However, to integrate such astronomical smart products into the same big network, to realize the interconnection and intercommunication of all smart devices, and to provide smart devices with evolving AI capabilities, the key behind it still depends on the cloud. It can be said that cloud computing, Is the real brain behind smart products, Alibaba Cloud AI relies on Alibaba's top algorithm technology, combined with Alibaba Cloud's reliable and flexible cloud computing infrastructure and platform services, to help companies simplify IT frameworks, realize commercial value, and accelerate digital transformation. Alibaba Cloud has dozens of AI capabilities, stable, easy-to-use, and outstanding, and is suitable for smart products in various scenarios, large and small. As early as last year, Chuang Ling was the IOT module factory authorized by the original Ali Tmall Elf chip factory. Chuang Ling currently has 3 mature modules based on the Ali Pingtou TG7100C series.  These modules have been widely used in smart scene fields such as WiFi lighting and smart light solutions. They can be directly connected to Tmall Genie/Cloud Smart APP to realize Tmall Genie voice control, APP remote control and other functions. These modules are based on the Alibaba Cloud Life Internet of Things platform (Feiyan platform). Currently, the Life Internet of Things platform supports Chinese manufacturers to go overseas and realize global sales of equipment. It has covered 200+ countries and regions, and can support more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Networking of equipment in the region. The above modules are mature and stable IOT solutions, new and old customers are welcome to take samples for testing.
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Clever use of light strips丨smart light belt empowers life

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  Light, gives life and soul to the building. Compared to other media, it is the part that best presents visual quality.   The use of lighting design to construct a free, flexible, and imaginative temperament space is like a kind of magical "space magic", which brings basic lighting functions while also showing great artistic appeal.    Chuang Ling Zhilian develops and builds intelligent lighting lamp with control board, PCBA, module can use mobile phone APP, Tmall Genie, infrared remote control, three control methods, allowing you to control the light at any time, and the atmosphere is controlled by one hand. Our smart light strip solution can also be controlled by the controller to realize the rhythm of the music, that is, the light strip changes with the rhythm of the music, and the rhythm of the light strip is realized at different frequencies according to the external sound level, and the atmosphere rendering effect is realized. It is used in entertainment places and Smart homes couldn't be more suitable.   The intelligentized light strip can be operated remotely by the mobile phone APP, and the status of the light strip can be checked in real time. It can be connected to third-party audio and voice interaction, free your hands, and adjust the lights as you like. The operation of the physical remote control is also convenient, and other physical remote controls can be connected to the APP, which is more convenient.    A variety of ways to control interaction, adjust the brightness and color of the light, customize the on/off time, countdown settings, and multiple light modes to present colorful lights together, which are used in different scene areas to create a unique atmosphere.    light strips are widely used in festivals, parties, shopping malls, homes, various application scenarios, and various forms. This solution creates a scene mode for this feature, and can create different lighting scene modes for different scenes, such as home mode, outdoor mode, reading mode, etc.    can also be linked with other smart products on the APP, like the home mode, the smart doorbell senses the owner to go home, the smart light strip is adjusted to the appropriate lighting, the smart speaker starts to play light music... the scene is truly integrated and intelligent.
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Smart home product market expands bigger and bigger, Trolink and Tuya launch a new module

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The foundation of the IoT is the interconnection between objects. Simple, stable, and reliable network capabilities are one of the most important factors in the development of the IoT. In wire and wireless modes, the importance of the wireless IoT is self-evident due to the wide distribution of devices and objects connected to the network and the advantages of wireless communication technology in the convenience of network. The pace of Smart Home products is gradually accelerating, and the market demand for wireless modules are also showing an increasing trend. The IoT Smart Home solution based on the WiFi module basically supports home and remote control modes. The pace of Smart Home products is gradually accelerating, and the market demand for wireless modules are also showing an increasing trend. The IoT Smart Home solution based on the WiFi module basically supports home and remote control modes. Shenzhen Chuang Ling Zhilian Technology provides customers with technical solutions for WiFi modules in the fields of smart home, smart medical, smart security, and smart industry. Trolink recently launched a smart lamp with WiFi controller module-TN-7231N, this module uses Bolon Technology BK7231N chip master, not only can realize direct connection to Tuya Cloud, but also with infrared, mobile phone APP Remote control, music rhythm, direct connection to many mainstream speakers on the market and many other functions, welcome new and old customers to take samples to test, our technical team will provide butler service!  Trolink supports direct connection to Tuya Cloud IOT modules: TWB2S, TWB3S, TCBU, T12F-W800, these four modules, these modules have been widely used in smart home products by customers at home and abroad, relying on the Tuya Cloud platform Highly specialized, these modules have won unanimous praise from users at home and abroad.
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