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Trolink WiFi module application field


Intelligent home appliances, security equipment, LED lighting, smart bus networks, such as wireless credit card machines, microfinance payment networks, industrial equipment networking, such as wireless sensors

Serial port (RS232/RS485) to WiFi, TTL to WiFi;

WiFi remote control/monitoring, TCP/IP and Wi-Fi coprocessor;

WiFi remote control airplanes, cars and other toy fields;

WiFi Internet radio, camera, digital photo frame, hunting camera, projector, VR, TV, WiFi speaker;

Medical instruments, data acquisition, handheld devices, electron microscopes;

Smart home: WiFi fat scale, smart card terminal; home smart;

Instrument and meter, equipment parameter monitoring, wireless POS machine;

Modern agriculture, military fields and other wireless-related secondary development applications.


Trolink WiFi module classification


WiFi network card module: such as on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets;

WiFi router module: typically a home router;

Embedded WiFi module (IOT module): 32-bit microcontroller, built-in Wi-Fi driver and protocol, and the interface is a general MCU interface such as UART. Suitable for all kinds of smart home or smart hardware items.

Classification of embedded WIFI module (IOT module):

According to power consumption and performance, it is divided into: 1. Low power consumption; 2. High performance;

According to the packaging method, it is divided into: 1, pin type; 2, patch type;

According to the type of WIFI antenna, it is divided into: 1. Built-in; 2. External;


How to select the WiFi module of Trolink?


The main considerations for the WiFi module are as follows:

1. Communication interface: USB or SDIO and PCIE;

2. Power supply mode: 3V3 is more commonly used, and 5V power supply is also available;

3. Antenna processing: onboard PCB; external via ipex socket; design by yourself in conjunction with the motherboard;

4. The specific size of the module is convenient for actual integration;

5. Working frequency band: ISM2.4G, ISM5.8G, BT version and wifi bandwidth;

6. Platform compatibility, some master MCUs will have a fixed WiFi chip reference model;

7. Software platform: Basically linux and Android, but different kernel versions; some require wince or windows;

8. Module chip manufacturers: the mainstream is Realtek/MTK/Atheros/Broadcom and some domestic RDA/BK, etc.;

The following models that are basically popular:

USB interface 2.4G 1T1R: RTL8188EUS/RTL8188ETV/RTL8188FTV/MT7601U series;

USB interface 2.4G 2T2R: MT7603U/RTL8192EU/BCM43217/MT7620/MT7628 series;

SDIO: RTL8189ETV/ RTL8189ES/RTL8189FTV, etc.;

The AP module series are as follows: AR9331, QCA9531, MT7620A, MT7620N, RT5350, MT7688, MT7628 core modules;

Internet of Things IOT:ESP8266

TML1511A-8188ETV/TML1510E-8188EUS/ TML1515A-8188FTV is the best-selling USB interface mini WiFi module in the RTL8188 series. Obviously, different suffixes represent different chips;

The main chip is optional: RTL8188ETV, RTL8188EUS, RTL8188FTV;     

Size: 13*12.2, 25*12, 12.7*12.2  commonly known as thumb type;

Package form: LGA-6; compatible with MT7601 module (TML1505C-7601U);

Antenna connection method: layout to the main board for a rich extension;

Communication interface: USB2.0;

Compliant with standards: IEEE802.11B/G/N;

Frequency range: 2.400GHz-2.4835GHz;

Maximum data transfer rate: 150Mbps 1T1R;

Module power supply voltage: 3V3±0.2V;

TML1516E-8189ETV/TML1512A-8189ES/TML1517A-8189FTV is a WiFi module with RTL8189 series SDIO interface;

Chip: RTL8189ETV, RTL8189ES, RTL8189FTV;

Size: 12.9*12.2, 14*12, 13.99*12.5;

Package form: LGA-13;

Antenna connection method: layout to the motherboard;

Communication interface: SDIO;

Compliant with standards: IEEE802.11b/g/n;

Maximum data transfer rate: 150Mbps;

Module power supply voltage range: typically 3V3;

The reason for choosing a module: It is to facilitate customer integration design, especially hardware compatible integration design, so that as long as the product has a comprehensive design in the early stage, subsequent product design and flexible selection of the application end provide great convenience. It saves repeated hardware design, shortens the development week, and accelerates the time to market products; widely used in: MID, security series network cameras, set-top box GPS, e-books, hard disk players, Internet radio, PSP, driving recorder series car products , Sports DV series of image transmission fields, such as consumer electronic products that need to realize wireless networking equipment, communication electronic products and other mobile devices that require small packaging, low power consumption, multiple interfaces and operating system support.


In actual application design and model selection, or embedding or integration applications, if you have any questions, you can contact Chuangling FAE to communicate in time, hoping to solve problems for industry users!


Which major brands has Trolink WiFi module cooperated with?


In the past 12 years,Trolink WiFi module manufacturers have customized WiFi modules and WiFi solutions for nearly 3,000 companies and brands. The well-known brands that have cooperated are: Desai Information (Netcom), Baoqianli (Automotive Electronics), Jiuzhou Electric ( DVB), Fuzida, etc.


What are the payment methods of Trolink WiFi module manufacturers?


Trolink WiFi module manufacturers support payment methods such as bank transfer (either to public account or private account), Alipay payment, WeChat transfer and other payment methods.


Are you a WiFi module manufacturer? Or a trading company?


Trolink WiFi module is a WiFi module manufacturer with 12 years of experience. It is a real WiFi module company, not a so-called trader. Trolink has a professional WiFi module production team and an experienced R&D team. With rich OEM experience, you are welcome to visit the company.


Can your WiFi module be customized? Delivery time? Toll?


Our company has a professional software and hardware R&D team, which can fully customize the WIFI module based on MTK and REALTEK for customers. It can be a network card module (LAN) or a routing module (AP). The custom period is generally 3 weeks. , If the software is more complicated, the time will be extended accordingly. Regarding the charges, our model is not to charge custom fees, but to pre-collect part of the subsequent payment for your company's mass production when you start the project. Then, when your company inspects the goods and pays the payment, you can deduct the paid item, just show it here Both parties are sincere.


Can you deliver to Shenzhen/Hong Kong? Can Shenzhen pay tax inclusive?


We can deliver in Hong Kong or Shenzhen. Hong Kong delivery is based on US dollars excluding tax. Hong Kong delivery is based on the smallest package. The goods can be picked up or delivered. Our Hong Kong address is Risheng Center, Chengye Street, Kwun Tong Room 801. Shenzhen delivery can be traded in US dollars or RMB without tax, and Shenzhen delivery can also include 17 points of value-added tax. We are a class A taxable enterprise.

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