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WiFi switch smart socket solution

(Summary description)Wi-Fi Smart Switch Solution</br>
Remote control | Voice control | Time switch | Countdown switch | Intelligent scene linkage

WiFi switch smart socket solution

(Summary description)Wi-Fi Smart Switch Solution</br>
Remote control | Voice control | Time switch | Countdown switch | Intelligent scene linkage


Wi-Fi smart switch solution

Remote control | Voice control | Timer switch | Countdown switch | Intelligent scene linkage

Communication method
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth BLE

Development method
SoC free development

Develop docking method
Zero code implementation



WiFi switch intelligent solution
Provides standard panels for switches, provides a variety of international specifications panels, and supports mainstream speaker control at home and abroad such as Tmall Genie, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.

The smart switch (zero fire version) is a zero fire wire power supply, through the module to control the relay to switch lights, suitable for the intelligent upgrade of the lighting control switch side products, to meet the needs of home, hotel, office, business, etc. Vertical demand for lighting control in space.
Compared with traditional mechanical switches, the installation requires a neutral wire.
This solution is suitable for 1-4 switches, which can be adapted to three switch forms of button, touch, and rocker. It is connected through Wi-Fi + BLE and communication protocol to meet the application requirements of different specifications such as U.S. regulations, European regulations, and national standards.


Program advantages


Multi-protocol and multi-module

Covering Wi+Fi+BLE dual-mode communication protocol, Wi-Fi+BLE dual-mode module supports Bluetooth speed distribution network and mobile phone Bluetooth control; supports mobile phone direct connection, which is very cost-effective and cost-effective.


Zero code development

The zero-code intelligent development service of the cloud intelligent IoT development platform simplifies the development of complex IoT hardware to online visual point-and-click configuration.
Without any programming experience, following a clear and quick step-by-step workflow, you can easily complete the development steps of function definition, App interface design, module hardware configuration, etc., and directly obtain cloud modules with complete functional firmware, plug and play Quickly put into trial mass production of finished products.


Rich features and flexible configuration

The product has rich functions, including on/off, timing, countdown, cycle timing, random timing, jog switch, sunrise and sunset timing, power-on status setting, indicator status setting, backlight switch, etc., can be adapted to key switches , Touch switch, rocker switch, provide hardware dual control, zero-crossing action solution.
The product supports free selection of functions and free configuration of module IO to meet more personalized and differentiated needs of users.


Low cost and short cycle

The complete system on chip (SoC) solution requires only the cost of a single module to realize all system functions of the device including networking capabilities.
The product development cycle is short. After large-scale implementation of mature smart product solutions, plug and play, mass production can be achieved in 15 minutes.


Project highlights


App device panel
Provide a wealth of App standard panels for electrical equipment such as sockets, switches, etc., supporting multiple styles such as single-hole, multi-hole, American standard, European standard, etc.


Voice control

Support voice control of the three major global speakers of Tmall Elf, AmazonAlexa, and GoogleHome


Scene linkage
Allow users to independently build automated linkage scenes, and support sunrise and sunset, outdoor temperature and humidity trigger conditions, and play with rich smart home scenes

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