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Main control chip: MT7621AT+MT7603EN+MT7613AEN

Specifications: 2T2R

Speed: 300+866M

Interface: USB, WAN, LAN, I2S, I2C/PCM, UART, GPIO

Size: 65*65mm(L*W)

Working voltage: 5V-12V

Wireless standard: 802.11b/g/n/ac

Band width: 2.4G+5.8G

Working temperature: -20°C to +85°C

Product Description



■ The module is based on Taiwan’s MTK’s MT7628AN+MT7612EN main chip solution, the main frequency is up to 580MHz, and it is equipped with 128MB DDR2 RAM and 16MB SPI FLASH;

■ Conforms to IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless network protocol, supports three working modes of bridging, routing, and access point;

■ Adopt 2x2 MIMO (Multiple input multiple output) architecture, wireless signal multi-channel transmission and reception, the transmission rate is up to 1200Mbps;

■ Achieve a variety of communication transmission, input and output control, intelligent control of IOT applications, convenient for debugging and product development.

■ Multiple GPIOs, 1 UART interface, 1WAN, 3LAN wired network port “stamp hole” and “pin” dual design external connection method four IPEX sockets, freely configurable antenna type

■ Application areas: smart home, wireless storage, WIFI speakers, network cameras, baby monitoring, routers, repeaters, wireless APs

Module size chart


Module pin


Pin Function Descriptionion
1 D2DB_PORST_N Power on reset
2 WDT_RST_N Watchdog rese
3 JTAG JTAG Mode Select
4 JTMS JTAG Data Input
5 JTRST_N JTAG Target Reset
6 JTDI JTAG Data Output
9 ESW_P0 Port #0 PHY LED indicators
11 ESW_P2 Port #2 PHY LED indicators
12 ESW_P1 Port #1 PHY LED indicators
l3 ESW_P3 Port #3 PHY LED indicators
14 ESW_P4 Port #4 PHY LED indicators
15 TXD0 RGMII2 Tx Data bit #0
16 RXD0 RGMII2 Rx Data bit #0
17 I2C_SD I2C Data
18 I2C_SCLK I2C Clock
19 TXD2 RGMII2 Tx Data bit #2
20 RXD2 RGMII2 Rx Data bit #2
21 CTS2_N UART Clear To Send
22 RTS2_N UART Request To Send
23 TXD3 RGMII2 Tx Data bit #0
24 RXD3 RGMII2 Rx Data bit #3
25 RTS3_N UART Request To Send
26 CTS3_N UART Clear To Send
27 GND Ground
28 GPIO0 GPIO0 (output only)
29 DM1 USB Port0 HS/FS/LS data pin Data+ (USB2.0)
30 DP1 USB Port0 HS/FS/LS data pin Data+ (USB2.0)
31 DP0 USB Port1 data pin Data+ (USB3.0)
32 DM0 USB Port1 data pin Data+ (USB3.0)
33 USB_RXN USB Port0SS data pinRX+-(USB3.0)
34 USB_RXP USB Port0SS data pinRX+-(USB3.0)
35 USB_TXN USB Port0SS data pinTX- (USB3.0)
36 USB_TXP USB Port0SS data pinTX- (USB3.0)
37 ND_RB_N NAND Flashi Redy/Busy
38 ND_CLE NAND Flash Command Latch Enable
33 ND_CLE NAND Flash Command Latch Enable
39 ND_WP NAND Flash Write Protect
40 ND_ALE NAND Flash ALE Latch Enable
41 ND_D0 NAND Flash Data0
42 ND_D1 NAND Flash Data1
43 ND_D2 NAND Flash Data2
44 ND_D3 NAND Flash Data3
45 ND_RE_N NAND Flash Read Enable
46 ND_CS_N NAND Flash Chip Sslect
47 ND_D4 NAND Flash Data4
48 ND_WE_N NAND Flash Write Enable
49 ND_D6 NAND Flash Data6
50 ND_D5 NAND Flash Data5
51 GND Ground
52 ND_D7 NAND Flash Data7
1 ESW_TN_D_P4 Port #4 MDI Transceivers
2 ESW_TP_D_P4 Port #4 MDI Transceivers
3 ESW_TP_C_P4 Port #4 MDI Transceivers
4 ESW_TN_C_P4 Port #4 MDI Transceivers
5 ESW_TN_B_P4 Port #4 MDI Transceivers
6 ESW_TP_B_P4 Port #4 MDI Transceivers
7 ESW_TN_A_P4 Port #4 MDI Transceivers
8 ESW_TP_A_P4 Port #4 MDI Transceivers
9 GND Ground
10 GND Ground
11 ESW_TN_D_P3 Port #3 MDI Transceivers
12 ESW_TP_D_P3 Port #3 MDI Transceivers
13 ESW_TN_C_P3 Port #3 MDI Transceivers
14 ESW_TP_C_P3 Port #3 MDI Transceivers
15 ESW_TN_B_P3 Port #3 MDI Transceivers
16 ESW_TP_B_P3 Port #3 MDI Transceivers
17 ESW_TN_A_P3 Port #3 MDI Transceivers
18 ESW_TP_A_P3 Port #3 MDI Transceivers
19 GND Ground
20 GND Ground
21 ESW_TN_D_P2 Port #2 MDI Transceivers
22 ESW_TP_D_P2 Port #2 MDI Transceivers
23 ESW_TN_C_P2 Port #2 MDI Transceivers


ESW_TP_C_P2 Port #2 MDI Transceivers
25 ESW_TN_B_P2 Port #2 MDI Transceivers
26 ESW_TP_B_P2 Port #2 MDI Transceivers
27 ESW_TN_A_P2 Port #2 MDI Transceivers
28 ESW_TP_A_P2 Port #2 MDI Transceivers
29 GND Ground
30 GND Ground
31 ESW_TN_D_P1 Port #1 MDI Transceivers
32 ESW_TP_D_P1 Port #1 MDI Transceivers
33 ESW_TN_C_P1 Port #1 MDI Transceivers
34 ESW_TP_C_P1 Port #1 MDI Transceivers
35 ESW_TN_B_P1 Port #1 MDI Transceivers
36 ESW_TP_B_P1 Port #1 MDI Transceivers
37 ESW_TN_A_P1 Ground
38 ESW_TP_A_P1 Port #1 MDI Transceivers
39 GND Ground
40 GND Ground
41 ESW_TN_D_P0 Port #1 MDI Transceivers
42 ESW_TP_D_P0 Port #0 MDI Transceivers
43 ESW_TN_C_P0 Port #0 MDI Transceivers
44 ESW_TP_C_P0 Port #0 MDI Transceivers
45 ESW_TN_B_P0 Port #0 MDI Transceivers
46 ESW_TP_B_P0 Port #0 MDI Transceivers
47 ESW_TN_A_P0 Port #0 MDI Transceivers
48 ESW_TP_A_P0 Port #0 MDI Transceivers
49 GND Ground
50 GND Ground

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