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Wi-Fi & BLE light belt intelligent solution

Wi-Fi & BLE light belt intelligent solution

(Summary description)Wi-Fi & BLE light belt intelligent solution</br>
Local microphone music rhythm|Infrared remote control|Custom buttons

Wi-Fi & BLE light belt intelligent solution

(Summary description)Wi-Fi & BLE light belt intelligent solution</br>
Local microphone music rhythm|Infrared remote control|Custom buttons


Wi-Fi & BLE light strip intelligent solution
Local microphone music rhythm|Infrared remote control|Custom buttons


Communication method
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth BLE


Lighting scheme type
Adjustable white light (C)
Cool and warm white light (CW)
Three-way lantern (RGB)
Four-way lantern (RGBC)
Five-way lantern (RGBCW)



Intelligent lamp strip


The WiFi & BLE dual-mode light strip smart solution is a development-free SoC solution, the module is plug-and-play, and can quickly realize product intelligence. Smart light strips are widely used in the field of decorative lighting and atmosphere lighting. Through indirect lighting, they can create high-end, dreamy, warm and other colorful lighting spaces.

Support the development-free access of 1~5 street light belts, realize the control of single light, group light, and regional scene; support remote control, voice control, local key control, infrared remote control and other methods; support external Microphone music rhythm.


Application scenarios


Interior atmosphere decoration

Support voice speakers, APP multi-terminal control, easy to turn on and off the lights of the guest restaurant, freely switch between cold and warm, bright and dark, and more than 16 million colors, bringing you full and true color presentation, and creating comfortable and warm light for you space. Generally used in the background of TV sets, room ceilings, cabinets, bar counters, staircase lines, etc.


Outdoor landscape outline

Light strips can be easily bent to achieve different shapes. With soft lighting, the building shape and garden landscape can be outlined in magnificent, dreamy and other postures, making the night more enchanting.
It supports the control of the physical buttons of the controller and the infrared remote control, easily realizes the light color and scene switching, and instantly changes different festive atmospheres.
Generally used in park walkways, staircase lighting, building shape, pool lighting, sign lighting and other fields


TV movie watching music rhythmic illusion

Install a light strip that supports an external microphone on the back of the TV, turn off the light source in the living room, and let the light bring you an eye protection light for watching movies. 16 million colors can be easily switched, and the scenes with different color changing rhythms will bring you more soulful light. With the music rhythm function of the external microphone, the sound of the movie can make the light belt dance unusual light dances.

Program advantages


Standardized development process

Maturity: Based on the intelligent experience of tens of thousands of equipment, this program has reached the trial production standard
Completeness: including the intelligent capabilities of the entire link of hardware, apps, and cloud services
User experience: to meet the multilingual environment of consumers at home and abroad, the functions are in line with consumer habits, and the response speed is smooth in milliseconds.

0 Code to get App panel
Ali provides the App public version panel to meet the needs of rapid development and use, and it can be obtained online in ten minutes

Complete the content of the plan and reach the trial production standard

Including a series of program contents that meet the trial production standards such as function parameter settings, App control panel, adaptive networking modules, firmware programs, etc.

Full-link value-added services to create product competitiveness

Tuya Smart provides a large number of value-added services. When you use smart solutions, you can access value-added services to further enhance the competitiveness of smart products and improve user experience

Multiple control methods

Support mobile phone APP, remote control, intelligent voice control, etc., adapt to different people and scenes, making control more convenient


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